Monday, 10 October 2016

Disabling shadows around menus and windows in Manjaro JWM

after many weeks searching for a solution (in the available spare time :-P), a colleague in the Manjaro forum gave me a big hand in understanding how to disable the shadows around menus and windows in Manjaro JWM. :-)

here's the full solution.

and bellow the short answer:

remove the following line in the startup script (key 8 in JWMConf)

<StartupCommand>xcompmgr -c &amp;</StartupCommand>

Enjoy :-)

Monday, 26 September 2016

Keep an updated backup copy of a folder in a very simple way


I've been recently looking for a very simplistic way to keep and updated copy of my working folder, in the lab computer, in the USB stick that I bring home at the end of the day. Because my working folder is large (about 15GB) hard copying everything everyday is just very time consuming and is not a nice way to solve the problem. I was looking for a way to keep things "synchronized".

There are many software tools available to deal with file backup storage and folder synchronization and that are able to keep track on file change record and versions over the time. However, the USB stick has limited space capacity and I cannot afford to keep track on so many backup files. For that, Dropbox is already there synchronizing my lab folder to the server. Ah! For those who may ask "Why don't you synchronize your home computer with your Dropbox accound?" ... hmmm... I don't have internet at home :-D

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

UCSF Chimera in Manjaro Linux

Just to report that UCSF Chimera works nicely in Manjaro Linux (JWM 16.08 Ellada). :-)
(in case you are interested in trying out Manjaro =) jijij)

I don't know yet from where this strange greenish colours come from, but I will have to find out ;-)

Friday, 26 August 2016

Installing Spotify in Manjaro JWM 16.06

Hi there,

Yesterday I installed Manjaro JWM 16.06 along side with Xubuntu using UEFI boot. In this post I explain the process I used for dual boot installation. So today I've been all day setting Manjaro and trying the system out :-)

First things first, and Spotify became a must be running application :D

In Manajaro JWM 16.06 is very easy to install Spotify though it is not out of the box. Here is what I have done.

1: Install the base-devel libraries according to this site.

$sudo pacman -S base-devel yaourt
(additional information here in the Manjaro Community Forum)


Thursday, 25 August 2016

Multiple (dual) Boot with Linux and UEFI

Hello everyone,

the following post is reflects my experience as someone who did know nothing about multiple boot with UEFI systems, when went around reading some sites and, at the end, managed to actually install two Linux systems in parallel using GRUB2 and UEFI. I sincerely hope this post helps other readers to better understand the UEFI issue and get courageous enough to try it! This post is directed to that people like myself, that enjoys experimenting with Linux but is not a professional on the matter. :-)

For those who already l0v3 Linux and like to try and retry its many different flavours, for sure you know quite well how to prepare a Dual Boot in the old fashioned (but still very operative) 32-bit computers. The problem comes with the new 64-bit computers that incorporate UEFI systems. Therefore, basic concepts on Linux distribution installation are not covered here.

As far as I know, UEFI came to simplify the multiple boot operations, specially when Linux and Windows have to share the same machine. UEFI should be a simple concept (from the user point of view) but somehow it became a monster after some corporative hands made their touch. ¬¬

The following is what I have done to install the different Linux OS in my computer (Xubuntu and Manjaro). I am considering machines that run 64bits Linux systems with UEFI support. (I have moved away from Windows almost 10 years ago... and I am not seeing myself going back :-)


0: Some concepts.